Tilting at windmills – 100% renewable energy

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Greenpeace has published the latest in a bi-annual series of studies focussed on energy, written jointly with the Global Wind Energy Council and SolarPowerEurope. This year’s Energy [r]evolution is a particularly important one because of the impending Paris climate summit, on which so many hopes are riding. The big message this time around is that it is possible to deliver a global energy system which is 100% renewable by 2050 (see Is a 100 per cent renewables-powered world really possible?).

The study is certainly well produced and weighty – coming in at 364 pages – but not all of this is taken up by arguments based on evidence, unfortunately. Although we should always be open-minded, the authors clearly, and hardly surprisingly, have an agenda. Billed as an alternative to the regular reports issued by the International Energy Agency (World Energy Outlook 2015 is due out in November) the study makes a strong case for its own preferred vision, but says little about how it might be achieved.

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