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GWEC’s South East Asia Task Force objective is to unlock the potential policy of SEA countries and to promote wind energy in a programmatic manner to ensure large-scale deployment. Chaired by  Mark Hutchinson, the Task Force is made up of major developments, investors and OEMs that will give the necessary push for South East Asia countries to reach its vast potential for producing wind energy

Furthermore, the Task Force will focus on offshore work by pushing for government awareness of policy needs in the offshore sector, as well as working with different agencies on capacity building for offshore policy and planning at both central and local government levels and other stakeholders related to the infrastructure of the offshore projects.

Current Projects

  • Handbook for Wind Development/ Policy Toolkit: GWEC together with the task force members is developing a stakeholder engagement toolbox, the Wind Development Handbook in SEA. This handbook is to provide insights and knowledge on wind energy to be used in targeted stakeholder engagements with politicians and decision-makers in the SEA markets.
  • True Cost of Coal Campaign: In many Asian markets, wind energy is already cheap and can compete with fossil fuels, but wind energy can stagnate in Asian markets due to inequalities in market access and procurement processes. The scope of the work is to provide SEA-focused and country-specific analysis on the cost competitiveness and market conditions, providing insights on the overall economy to highlight how the growth of renewables is obstructed.
  • Variety of country specific project across SEA


  • White Paper on Offshore Development in Vietnam and will invite companies to endorse it. This White Paper will be used as the basis policy document for talking to the Vietnamese government on offshore policy issues. A lot of the elements will be further elaborated in the future.
  • GWEC will jointly work with Vietnam Energy Partner Group (VEPG) by joining their working meeting in September to ask them to endorse offshore as a priority area for the future.
  • Building new partners which include other government agencies, embassies, and chambers. We are in discussion with various agencies to see if there are opportunities for collaboration on the offshore policy
  • Position Paper on Post 2021 scheme: Through this industry position paper on the post-2021 scheme that we are crafting, we are calling for an extension of the FIT and a transition period to fit before it kicks into a full auction scheme.


  • GWEC will lend support to the Thailand Wind Energy Association with our market insights and position papers and participate in their discussions to better learn the Thailand wind market.
  • A white paper on the cost of wind in comparison with other fossil fuel energy sources.


  • Working closely with our partner - DREAM, To better position GWEC in the Philippines wind market. We shall support their work and provide capacity building workshops whenever needed. ​


  • True Cost of Coal Campaign
  • SEA Handbook
  • Further identifying policy and government relation engagements


Latest Updates

Market to watch: South East Asia

Around the world, there is a palpable sense of urgency to accelerate the energy transition. With millions of citizens participating in the #FridaysForFuture movement and still more facing intensifying natural hazards like typhoons, droughts and hurricanes, climate change has become an indisputable condition of our modern world.

Wind and renewable energy have achieved strong progress in cost reduction and deployment so far, however their adoption has not been fast enough to slow the rate of carbon emissions.

Let’s explore the factors that are holding back South East Asia’s wind energy potential, and why we must urgently do everything we can to remove these obstacles for the future of the region.

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Why the Time Is Now for an Energy Transition in South East Asia

There is no better time than now for our industry to step up the energy transition and to define our role in the future energy system: the cost reduction of wind energy, the improvement of the efficiencies and reliability of wind technologies and the mounting threat of the climate imperatives are making the case for wind energy.

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Market to Watch: Vietnam Offshore Wind

Offshore wind is distinguished from conventional renewable energy sources in many ways, and will be an important driver of the global energy transition in the coming decades. The vast majority of installations to date are concentrated in the European region but countries in East Asia and North America are demonstrating greater interest and ambition in significantly ramping up their deployment of offshore wind in the near future. However, key challenges in government policy need to be urgently resolved in order to develop a supportive system for offshore wind. Recognizing and clearing these obstacles will allow Vietnam to capture the enthusiasm and investment from industry, create local and sustainable economic value, lower its carbon emissions and assume a leading role in the energy transition in South East Asia.

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Liming Qiao

Asia Director

Mark Hutchinson

Chair of South East Asia Taskforce
Vice President, Head of APAC Power & Renewables Consulting at Wood Mackenzie


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