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GWEC’s South East Asia Task Force focuses on unlocking the potential of wind power in the region, working with local and international stakeholders to accelerate large-scale deployment of South East Asia’s wind resource. 

Chaired by  Mark Hutchinson, the South East Asia Task Force is made up of major developers, investors, OEMs, and other relevant stakeholders which are key to give the necessary push for building out a strong and resilient wind industry in South East Asia. 

Our mission is to create a strong alliance of local industry actors, advocating on the benefits of wind power through dialogue with local government and other key stakeholders, and communicating the socioeconomic benefits that wind power can bring to the region. The South East Asia Task Force’s activities include delivering greater government awareness of policy needs in the onshore and offshore wind sectors, as well as working with different agencies on capacity building and on creating an enabling environment for a thriving local wind industry. 

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Route to Market for Offshore Wind Development in Vietnam

Route to Market for Offshore Wind Development in Vietnam Lộ trình hiện thực hóa Điện gió ngoài khơi tại Việt Nam Download the Position Paper Vietnam can deliver the PDP 8 offshore wind target, but only with the rapid resolution of these key items: A process for surveying, permitting and licensing which outlines how developers

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GWEC: USD 6.7 billion in wind power investment in Vietnam at risk without COVID-19 relief

The COVID-19 situation in Vietnam has created many hardships. This extends to supply chain bottlenecks for wind project components, workers prevented from reaching project sites for crucial inspections and activities, travel restrictions for foreign personnel, and other issues. As of August 2021, an industry survey conducted by GWEC estimates that 4,000MW of mainly onshore wind projects in Vietnam are severely challenged by these extenuating circumstances, and are now at risk of missing the November deadline for the wind Feed-in Tariff (“FiT”).

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Mark Hutchinson

Chair of South East Asia Task Force

Esther Fang

Communications and Policy Coordinator

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