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This page acts as a living repository for research, guidelines and documents produced by Women in Wind Global Leadership Program. We have also included publicly available and impactful reports, toolkits and roadmaps which promote greater gender diversity and more inclusive workplaces for women in wind energy. 

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Women in Wind: Research and Support Tools

"Let the Wind Blow"
Children's Book (2020)

2019 will be remembered as the year something changed, when children went on strike to demand that adults take action to stop climate change. This moment is memorialised in "Let the Wind Blow," a book which engages young children in climate action and wind power. Women in Wind supported the global translations of the book into Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian and Turkish.

Best Practices for Gender Diversity in Talent Recruitment (2020)

As governments seek a green recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, gender diversity must be prioritised to ensure a just recovery. Women in Wind have compiled a guide of best practices to advance gender equality in the wind industry and attract top talent and skills, with the end-goal of building a dynamic and inclusive workforce that can drive the global energy transition.

Report with IRENA: "Wind energy: A gender perspective" (2020)

Wind energy remains largely male-dominated. Yet opportunities exist to improve the gender balance and entrench wind power as part of an inclusive and sustainable energy system. This report examines the most comprehensive data collected to date on female representation, gender-inclusive policies and perceptions of gender bias in the global wind industry.

Best Practices for Gender Diversity at Industry Events (2019)

Industry events are important fora to put into action gender-inclusiveness in the wind sector. Women in Wind have compiled a guide of best practices to help event organizers implement gender diversity.

Webcast: "Why Gender Diversity is Important for The Wind Industry" (2019)

Watch this Women in Wind Webinar to learn more on the state of play for gender diversity in renewables, and the barriers and opportunities for women working in the wind sector.

Women in Wind Statement to UNFCCC on Gender Mainstreaming (2019)

In July 2019, GWEC and GWNET submitted a statement to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) on behalf of the Women in Wind Global Leadership Program.

Women in Wind: Events and Communiques

Other Resources

Corporate toolkits to increase diversity and inclusion:

International directories for women speakers in clean energy:

Note: Inclusion of the above resources is not an endorsement of any of the individuals listed in these directories.

Other resources:

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