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The global wind industry has grown in ups and downs, dropping in 2013 and rising by more than 60GW of new capacity in 2015. GWEC expects that in 2020, new installed capacity will reach more than 60GW and this level of growth will sustain thereon.

Latin America has been performing well in terms of growth, but we are now facing a slowdown. Political challenges have arisen in different markets, making growth patterns uneven across the region, in high potential markets such as  Mexico, Argentina.

In 2018, there was 3.7GW installed of onshore wind in the region, with 51% by Brazil, 25% by Mexico and 13% by Argentina. In total,there is close to 26GW of onshore wind installed in Latin America, with 57% in Brazil and 19% in Mexico.

The Latin America Task Force has been created to provide expert knowledge on the region’s wind energy market and encourage its further development.

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Ramón Fiestas

Chair of Latin America Taskforce

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