Jobs, savings, climate benefits with 100 pc clean energy by 2050

Greentech Lead

Greenpeace International and Global Wind Energy Council have released a report which indicates, unsurprisingly, that transition to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050 would create millions of new jobs and save money besides helping mitigate climate change.

The report titled Energy [R]evolution 2015 shows that the transition is required if the world is to have a reasonable chance of meeting the agreed target of keeping global mean temperature rise under 2 degrees Celsius.

According to Steve Sawyer, the secretary general of Global Wind Energy Council, competitive technologies existing today can minimize carbon dioxide emissions from the energy sector.

“What is needed now is the political will to enact the appropriate policies and fiscal and regulatory measures to implement them fully,” Sawyer has added.

Dr Sven Teske of Greenpeace, the lead author of the report, says wind and solar technologies are mainstream and cost competitive with coal. “It is very likely that they will overtake the coal industry in terms of jobs and energy supplied within the next decade,” Teske says.

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