Interested in Becoming a Women in Wind Mentor?

Like other sectors of the global energy sector, wind energy continues to be predominately male. However, there are potential to increase gender parity, utilize women’s abilities more, and solidify wind power as a component of a future inclusive and sustainable energy system.

Why Mentorship?

Mentorship is important because it provides individuals with a supportive and knowledgeable guide who can help them achieve their personal and professional goals. Through mentorship, individuals can gain valuable skills and knowledge, build their network, advance their careers, increase their confidence, and grow personally.

Benefits for Mentors

Benefits for Mentors

- Information on related fields and concerns involving the younger generation - Active career reflection - Promoting women in the workforce - Knowledge sharing and building a mentorship reputation

Benefits for Mentees

For Mentees

Learning from seasoned experts - Developing strengths and overcoming shortcomings - Specific objectives & activities to advance your career - Personal development: abilities, skills, and values - Creative thinking and strategic planning

Become a Mentor?

While Women in Wind reads and considers all applications received, due to high demand, only those who have been selected for further consideration will be contacted. 

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