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The wind industry can concretely contribute to a sustainable future for the planet and the European recovery after #COVID19. In such view, ensuring fair and shorter permitting and connection procedures would do more than anything to help accelerate investments in new wind projects and unleash wind sector contribution to the European Green Deal.

Antonio Cammisecra

CEO, Enel Green Power

Covid-19 has taught the world the value of collaboration to protect the most vulnerable and the elder members of our society. Now is the time to refocus the momentum. We must work together to stop climate change and protect our children’s future. The offshore wind industry is ready to contribute massively to a just and fair transition for all, by creating and maintaining industrial jobs close to our homes and generating clean energy to power our cities. We can create a better world, let’s bring to life the green new deal we need to achieve our climate goals.

Philippe Kavafyan

CEO, MHI Vestas

The wind sector is one of the world's most promising industries. Policies and investment frameworks that further advance this industry is therefore central to boost growth as our economies recover. Not only can our industry support millions of jobs and billions in investment, but the immense benefits that wind energy can bring to society as a whole, such as affordable power, cleaner air and resilient infrastructure, means that the return on investment for wind makes it a logic choice for countries seeking green recovery after the pandemic

Morten Dyrholm

SVP, Vestas

The COVID-19 crisis is impacting people, societies and economies. There is no question that we all fight the impact and strive for recovery. Also, it should be no question that the economic recovery needs to be a green recovery to ensure that we set our societies and economies on a sustainable pathway in order to save climate and environment, for us, and for generations to come. The wind industry is ready to deliver climate friendly energy, that creates jobs and supports economic development.

José Luis Blanco

CEO, The Nordex Group

The wind industry can play a major role in restarting economies around the world after the pandemic. Together, we should grasp the opportunity to set the course for a more sustainable future based on renewable energy.

Hans-Dieter Kettwig

CEO, Enercon

The COVID-19 pandemic is having enormous impact on many countries throughout the world, and the wind industry can serve as the cornerstone of recovery. We have taken major measures to ensure the supply of wind turbines without compromising efforts to prevent and control the spread of the virus, and we remain as committed as ever to supporting the acceleration of the global energy transition.

Zhang Chuanwei

Chairman, MingYang Smart Energy Group

Our 1.3 GW Andes Renovables platform in Chile shows that renewable energy is the most cost-effective stimulus for a global post-COVID recovery. Our investment of over USD 1.8 billion will see a workforce of 3,100 across 7 wind and 3 solar sites install over a million solar panels, erect 223 wind turbines and build 175km of high voltage transmission lines. Not only will this portfolio play a key role in decarbonising Chile’s electricity system, it will significantly lower the price of power generation in the country at a critical time for Chile’s economy.

Andy Kinsella

Chairman, Group Chief Executive Mainstream Renewable Power

Responses to recovery should address socio-economic and health emergencies while designing a better planet and a sustainable future for all. A future in which a clean and mature energy like wind, is key to a climate-safe world and essential to create a resilient and low-carbon economy.

José Manuel Entrecanales

Chairman and CEO, ACCIONA

Governments are facing the difficult task of bringing the health emergency under control. Advancing the renewables-based energy transformation will help us seek a greener way out of this and is an opportunity to meet international climate goals while boosting economic growth, creating millions of jobs and improving human welfare. If we want to combat climate change, this is our chance, we have to take action now!

Adolfo Rebollo

CEO, Ingeteam Group

The COVID-19 pandemic shows in a dramatic way how precious a safe environment is. At ZF Wind Power, we are convinced that the wind technology has a pivotal role in the transformation to a safely powered society. Now is the time for our industry to team up and make specific proposals to governments and EU institutions to use public funds for sustainable investments in new jobs, new technologies and improved infrastructure. Wind can make the difference!

Mitja Schulz

CEO and SVP, ZF Wind Power

We stand at the threshold of a historic return to activity in most parts of the world, after a pandemic that has made us rethink how we are powering our cities and industries, and to reconsider how we will do so in the future. Renewable energy is now more vital than ever as we strive to rebuild better, with wind and solar energy playing a core role in the coming future. In order to guarantee a successful transition, public and private players must enhance their cooperation

João Manso Neto

CEO, EDP Renewables

Renewable energy is a key driver of the global energy transformation, and wind power is the future energy. Wind power will play an extremely important role in generating new investment, sustainably powering rising energy demand and international trade after the COVID-19 outbreak to revitalize the global economy.

Jin Xiaolong

Chairman, Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group Co., ltd



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