The latest on Australia’s Renewable Energy Target

The Australian Government commenced a scheduled review of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) in early 2014, which included an issues paper, a submission period, and a final panel report which came out in August.

The first option suggested by the panel is to close the system to new entrants while 'grandfathering' certificates for existing projects. The second option is to use renewables to meet 50 per cent of a sliding demand target. This means that, in an absence of any growth in electricity demand, no new renewable energy will be deployed. Based on current demand forecasts, the panel suggest that this option would achieve a 'real' 20 per cent share of renewables by 2020.

The CEC responded to the report by saying that the recommendations would bankrupt the renewable energy sector.

At this point the industry is awaiting the government’s response to the report, which will be followed by the drafting of legislation. You can download the full report at the RET review website, but the areas of particular interest to the wind industry are the report's two proposed options for changes to the scheme.

Clean Energy Australia Report 2013 - new highs for renewable energy

The CEC released its Clean Energy Australia Report in June, which provides a comprehensive overview of renewable energy generation for the 2013 calendar year.

Wind energy highlights abounded, with Australia's 68 wind farms producing just over a quarter of all clean energy generated in 2013 - enough for the equivalent of more than 1.3 million average homes. Wind power supplied 4 per cent of the country's overall electricity needs during the year.

New financial investment in Australian wind projects was $1.5 billion, almost double 2012, and 2722 people were employed in the wind sector last year.

The report is available at, along with our media release and handy infographic.

Wind generation records smashed again

July saw the most wind energy ever pumped into Australia’s electricity grid. Aided by some wild weather and the commissioning of the new 270-megawatt Snowtown II project, wind generated 43 per cent of South Australia's total power needs over the month. The CEC sent out a press release celebrating the record.

Clean Energy Week a success

Clean Energy Week took place in late July in Sydney, with wind featuring heavily at the Policy and Finance Conference component of the week. The event attracted 2400 delegates overall, more than 170 speakers and 80 sponsors and exhibitors, making it one of the most successful Clean Energy Week events to date.

Presentations from the week are available on the Clean Energy Week website.

Australian Capital Territory developments

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT), which is home to Australia’s capital city of Canberra, is hosting a reverse auction to secure the development of 200 megawatts of large-scale wind energy projects to help achieve the territory’s greenhouse gas reduction targets.

The auction closed in September and received 18 bids which the ACT Environment Minister said could supply new capacity of up to 1000 MW. An expert panel will now consider all of the bids and select at least two and maybe more to supply the 200 MW required under the 20 year deal.

For more info see the ACT’s website:

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