78% of Austrians are in favour of wind energy

333According to latest opinion polls 78% of Austrians want their energy to be produced from wind power. In the regions where most wind farms are located the level of support is even higher. “In regions where most wind farms are located 88% of the residents support wind power, up about 10% compared to an average Austrian region"

52% of the respondents who live near a wind farm consider wind power as an advantage for the region. Moreover, 62% of the respondents don’t see any disadvantages.  Read more https://www.igwindkraft.at/?mdoc_id=1029374


Infrasound and low frequency noise form wind mills as high as a refrigerator

New measurements show that the infrasonic and low frequency noise of windmills are as high as the one of a refrigerator. The same measurements show also, that these parts of the noise are even higher at a windy day on the edge of a forrest, without any wind mill nearby.


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