World adds 63 GW of wind capacity in 2015

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The world has installed 63,013 MW of wind power capacity in 2015 to reach a cumulative 432,419 MW at the year end, according to the latest statistics by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC).

The wind power industry thus expanded at an annual market growth of 22%, GWEC said.

Roughly half of the new installations occurred in Asia, where the People's Republic of China added 30,500 MW. As a result, PR China alone now has more installed wind power capacity than all 28 members of the EU combined -- 145,104 MW versus 141,578 MW, respectively.

When it comes to all of Europe, it installed 13,805 MW in 2015, of which 12,800 MW are in EU countries. North America, in turn, deployed 10,817 MW and reached a cumulative 88,744 MW. The US accounted for 8,598 MW of the 2015 additions.

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