Venezuelan congress addresses climate, algal bloom kills Chilean salmon, climate change threatens Brazilian agriculture

Switchboard - Natural Resources Defense Council Staff Blog

The Standing Committee on the Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change of the National Assembly in Venezuela pledged to include and prioritize climate change in the parliament's agenda due to its devastating impact on communities, the economy and the environment. With an agenda in hand and several meeting underway, the currently proposed plan of action currently includes three main areas of work: work on a climate change law, oversight of the oil industry and education/awareness-raising awareness. Maria Gabriela Hernandez, chair of the Subcommittee on Climate Change highlighted the need to understand the current crisis and tomorrow's solutions. She further called on experts, scientists and academia to participate in the process saying "We are grateful and proud to have you. We leave open the invitation to the Venezuelan Academy and research centers to join the agenda that we are building. "(Tal Cual Digital 3/5/16)

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