Launch of the new Global Wind Energy Outlook 2016

24 October 2016, 3pm CEST

The new Global Wind Energy Outlook 2016 (GWEO) presents three visions of the future of the global wind energy industry out to 2020, 2030 and up to 2050. The scenarios compare the International Energy Agency’s central scenario from its World Energy Outlook with a Moderate and Advanced scenario developed especially for this report, detailing how the global wind industry might deliver in terms of global electricity supply, CO2 emission savings, employment, cost reductions, and investment. The Global Wind Energy Outlook will be published in October 2016.

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What you will learn:

  • How much of the global electricity demand will wind power cover?
  • How much CO² will be saved by wind power?
  • How many people will be employed globally by the sector?
  • What type of cost reductions and investment rates will be in place by 2020 and 2030?


Steve Sawyer_GWEC CEO

Steve Sawyer, Secretary General, Global Wind Energy Council

Steve Sawyer, has worked in the energy and environment field since 1978, with a particular focus on climate change and renewable energy since 1988. He spent many years working for Greenpeace International, representing the organization at intergovernmental and industry fora primarily on energy and climate issues. At GWEC he is focused on working with intergovernmental organisations such as the UNFCCC, IPCC, IRENA, IEA, IFC and ADB to ensure that wind power takes its rightful place in the energy options for the future; and with opening up new markets for the industry worldwide.

Sven Teske close-up

Sven Teske, Research Principal, Institute for Sustainable Futures

Dr Sven Teske is a Research Principal at the Institute for Sustainable Futures. Dr Teske has 20 years experience in technical analysis of renewable energy systems and market integration concept. He has published over 50 special reports about renewable energies like the “Global Wind Energy Outlook” and “Solar Generation”.

Dr Teske was the Renewable Energy Director at Greenpeace International for 10 years. Where, Sven was the project leader for five editions of the World Energy Scenario “Energy [R]evolution: A sustainable World Energy Outlook”. The energy [r]evolution is an independently produced report that provides a practical blueprint for a transition towards renewable energy supply by 2050. This research is a joined project of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), NGO’s and the Global Wind Energy Council.

Sven represented the renewable energy program of Greenpeace International at the UNFCCC Climate Conferences from November 1994 (COP 1 in Berlin) until December 2014 (COP 20 in Lima / Peru).

Sven was a lead author for the IPCC Special Report Renewables (Chapter 10: Scenario analysis), which was published in 2011. He was a member of the expert review committee for the IEA World Energy Outlook in 2010 and 2011 and is a member of the advisory panel of the Japanese Renewable Energy Foundation.

Sven also has practical experience in small-scale utility development. He originally developed the concept for a green utility and founded in 1999 the “Greenpeace energy eG”– Germany’s first cooperative in the power sector. Greenpeace Energy eG today employs 70 people and supplies 120.000 customers in Germany with green electricity. He has been a member of the board since 2000

Sven has significant experience in applying technical concepts (infrastructure, power grids and solar photovoltaic equipment) for rural electrification projects such as the Bihar Cluster utility project.

Sven also has a PhD in the Integration of solar photovoltaic and wind into power systems from the University of Flensburg in Germany.


Followed by Q&A.

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