GWEC figures show global installation recovery

Windpower Monthly

The global wind industry experienced a strong bounce back in 2014, with new installations reaching 51.4GW, up 44% on the year before, according to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC).

But this is against a weak comparative in 2013, which saw the first ever contraction in new capacity added when the figure fell to 35.7GW from 45.2GW in 2012.

GWEC's figures compare to 48GW in Windpower Monthly's recently published 2014 data which measures new online capacity rather than new installations.

According to GWEC, total cumulative capacity stood at 370GW at the end of 2014.

China retained its position at the top of the table, installing more than any other country. It accounted for 45% of the global market, with 23.4GW installed last year. India, with 2.3GW was a distant second in the Asian market, although GWEC said it believes the "stage is now set for a new round of market growth in that country".

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