GWEC chief hails German progress

Recharge News

Germany's  Energiewende — the transition away from nuclear and fossil fuels — is far in advance of anything undertaken by other industrialised nations, says Steve Sawyer.

The Global Wind Energy Council secretary-general tells Recharge that every country should be playing close attention to the Energiewende “because I hope eventually we will all get to a future which is dominated by renewables.

“Between Chancellor Angela Merkel and energy minister Sigmar Gabriel, I believe, they can achieve something with renewables in Germany that will be historic and epoch-making.”

On the wider stage, Sawyer says president-elect Jean-Claude Juncker’s proposed changes to the structure of the European Commission (EC) are well worth a try and may work.

“Juncker’s opening comments on accelerating European energy union sound good in principle, but the devil will be in the detail.

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