Global Wind Day activities in Italy

ANEVOn the occasion of the Global Wind Day 2016, ANEV, the Italian Wind Energy Association, is organizing several events around the country to promote public awareness of one the most important and exploited renewable source of energy: wind energy. Two main events will take place on 15 June in Rome. In the morning a workshop will be held about benefits of repowering wind power in Italy, where experts and leaders of both the public and private sector will discuss developments in the Italian market. Analyses and forecast show that the medium-long term renewable energy growth goals (12,68 GW by 2020 and 16,8 by 2030) set for Italy will be unachievable without some kind of incentive plan for repowering existing wind farms in addition to new power capacity. Read more

In the evening, the third edition of Sustainable music, the concert in honor of wind energy, will be held in the Auditorium of the MAXXI Museum of Rome.

The event will be host by geologist Mario Tozzi, who will give his opinion about energy and renewables, and singer Niccolò Fabi, who will perform songs about wind.

ANEV is also organizing some events especially addressed to kids. In particular, on June 15th as well Explora, the Children Museum of Rome, will host a special event aimed at educating children about environmental issues, sustainable growth and responsible progress.

It will include a game dedicated to discover how the force of the air can move different objects in the long distance: coloured fabrics are absorbed into tubes and then released in an explosion of energy. It also presents a totem describing how powerful the wind can be and what its applications for the production of energy are, giving answers to the public’s questions - like a huge encyclopedia on wind energy.

Finally, two other events will celebrate the Brindisi – Corfù regatta. On June 5th ANEV will organize a Kite lab, giving children the opportunity of making their own kite and on June 8th, during the opening ceremony of regatta a Kite Show will take place at the Waterfront of Brindisi.

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