Argentina New Market Rules Webcast – a Summary of the Seminar (English only)

Wednesday, 6 September 2017, 3pm CEST

On 1 September GWEC will meet with policy makers, government officials and investors in Buenos Aires to advance discussions on Argentina’s New Market Rules – a draft of which was released for public consultation on 5 June.

During the one-day seminar on 1 September, speakers and delegates will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and expertise about what these New Market Rules will mean for the energy landscape – and for the renewable energy sector in particular - in Argentina. Key questions to be discussed will include ‘how the private PPAs are likely to dictate future energy purchasing, particularly for large electricity consumers?’ and ‘What will be the new drivers for renewable power trading” and ‘what are the key conditions for making renewables PPA’S bankable?

If you’re not able to join us in Buenos Aires, join us for a one-hour webcast during which key insights of this high-level seminar and GWEC’s vision of Argentina’s energy sector will be shared with the audience. Ramón Fiestas, Chairman of GWEC's Latin America Committee and Ben Backwell, Managing Director at FTI will deliver the webcast - both of whom are taking part in the Buenos Aires seminar as moderators.



Speaker Biographies


Ramón Fiestas 
Chairman, Latin American Commitee, GWEC

Ramon is a lawyer, Graduated in Business, and specialized in energy and environmental policy with over 30 years experience. Strongly involved in renewable energy affairs, especially in legislation, regulation, business and financing matters, representing large renewable energy associations and providing consultancy over th e last 15 years in renewable energy matters.  
Appointed by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) as Chairman for its Latin American Committee, he served as Secretary General for the Spanish Wind Power Association (AEE) since it was launched in December 2002 until March 2010.    Before joining the renewable energy sector, Mr. Fiestas has been leading the Legal Services of one of the largest Spanish based utilities, Hidroeléctrica del Cantábrico, S.A., merged by EDP, in which he prior served over more than 15 years as Lawyer and Barrister at Court.

Ben Backwell
Managing Director, FTI

Ben Backwell has 20 years’ experience working in the energy industry as a journalist and consultant working in Europe, Latin America and the US. Ben is a Managing Director in the Clean Energy group of FTI Consulting, a global business advisory firm with over 4,400 employees in 26 countries, where he advises a number of renewable energy companies and industry bodies on strategy, communications and government affairs. He has recently advised companies on new business opportunities and political and market conditions in Argentina. The second edition of his book Wind Power: the Struggle for Control of a New Global Industry, will be published in November. He has a Masters’ Degree in Latin American Politics from the University of London.

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