ArcVera Renewables Notches Another First in Latin America: El Salvador

After advising clients and providing the wind energy resource assessment reports used for financing the first three wind farms in Nicaragua and the first wind farm in Guatemala, ArcVera Renewables has completed the same feat in El Salvador.  The 50 MW Ventus wind farm is in final negotiations with turbine suppliers, expecting to sign an EPC contract in the following months with plans to start construction in late 2018. Despite challenging terrain and meteorology, the consulting and technical services provider was able to optimize the Ventus site and significantly enhance sponsor return.  Detailed micrositing and high resolution mesoscale wind flow modeling were among the company’s key contributions to the project. 

“With ArcVera’s keen early guidance in identifying a better location for the project, and subsequent optimization to find another 150 basis points of capacity factor, the Ventus project is closer to being a reality as the first wind farm in El Salvador,” stated Paul Wagner, Project Manager of the Ventus development team.  ArcVera’s record in wind farm firsts also includes work on the first wind farms in 19 U.S. states plus Puerto Rico.

ArcVera Renewables was formed in March 2017 through the merger of V-Bar, LLC and Chinook Wind, LLC.   The company provides consulting and technical services worldwide for wind and solar energy across the project-lifecycle.  For more information, visit:

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