Steel for generating wind power in Gujarat

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Danish firm COWI will build India’s first offshore wind power project off the coast of Gujarat. The industry response and the resulting growth will help India ensure energy security and a transition into a low carbon economy, writes Orchie Bandyopadhyay.

With Danish engineering firm Cowi winning the contract to design the first offshore wind farm of about 50 MW off the coast of Gujarat, it seems India is finally adding offshore
renewable energy to its energy mix. Though the size of the demonstration project, which is supported by the European Commission, has not yet been determined, Cowi’s role will involve consultancy and engineering services. The services will include electrical design,
conceptual design of the foundation based on geotechnical studies and metocean analyses, and layout of the wind farm. The policy side of the job will work out the size of subsidies, electricity costs, and connection to the power grid. Cowi will also help the authorities establish an offshore wind knowledge bank. “The Government of India has high
ambitions based on a climate point of view, and for which it needs new renewable energy technologies. India has the necessary capacity and the will to develop and establish offshore wind. We plan to design an installation of around 50 megawatts,” said Marc Normann, Director of COWI’s department industry. For the full story 

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