CEO Lunch

12:00 - 14:00 I 28 May 2019 I São Paulo, Brazil

About the CEO Lunch (Invitation Only)


The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) will hold an exclusive CEO Lunch on the occasion of the 10th edition of Brazil Windpower. During the event hosted by GWEC’s CEO Ben Backwell, we will discuss challenges and opportunities of the Brazilian market.

Setting the Scene

GWEC has been working with ABEEOLICA to provide a bridge between industry and government to provide comprehensive data and insight on best practices in the global industry to open the country’s energy market to clean and cost-effective wind power.

Investment in Brazil’s wind power sector is set to rebound strongly in the coming years. After 2 GW installed in 2018, Brazil continues to lead in achieving ultra-competitive prices, with the second lowest tendered price globally being awarded in 2018, supported by some of the best capacity factors in the world.  The Free Market continues to grow, as corporations seek clean, competitive power for their operations, while wind’s importance in the system obliges the sector to look for synergies and integration opportunities with other clean power sources.

Meanwhile, there has been a massive influx of international investment and a wave of M&A activity, with a series of non-traditional actors such as large infrastructure funds becoming major players in the market. 

As growth is expected to continue with 20GW of capacity added in 2023, the wind sector will face new challenges in the coming years, as new technology and financial models impact the sector, and Brazil’s political situation continues to evolve.

C-Suite participants in the lunch will hear from several key note speakers and have a unique chance to network with their peers and key actors in the wind energy market.

Topics to be included in this CEO Lunch are:

  • Generation: Regulated and Free market, Financing and Regulatory
  • Supply Chain in local content, Export logistic and O&M for internal market
  • Transmission-Planning, Flexibility and Sharing
  • Future and New Technologies such as Electrification, Digitalization, Storage and Offshore

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Our Speakers

Dra. Elbia Gannoum

CEO, ABEEólica

Rafael Paniagua

President, ABB Brasil

Luiz Barroso


João Paulo Gualberto

Director of Energy, WEG

Pierre-Emmanuel Moussafir

Managing Director, Total Eren Brazil

Ben Backwell


The Organisers

Global Wind Energy Council

The Global Wind Energy Council helps open up new markets for wind energy. GWEC has a proven track record of success in helping to build the wind energy industry in emerging markets around the world, including China, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, India, Argentina, and Vietnam


Brazilian Wind Energy Association is a non-profit organization that brings together and represents the wind energy industry in Brazil, including companies throughout the production chain.Brazilian Wind Energy Association is a non-profit organization that brings together and represents the wind energy industry in Brazil, including companies throughout the production chain.

UBM - Grupo Canal Energia

Leading communication company in the coverage of the electricity sector in real time, operating the largest means of online communication for industry in the country. In addition, it functions as a news agency and has other business units focused on events and education.

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