26 April , 2022

Women in Wind program welcomes 21 new participants for 2022

  • 21 participants welcomed on to the scheme after more then 140 applications 
  • GWEC’s program leaders will work with mentors to help deliver a year of training, industry experience and skill-sharing 

26 April 2022  – The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and the Global Women’s Network for the Energy Transition (GWNET) are delighted to announce the participants for the 2022 edition of the Women in Wind Global Leadership Program. The jointly organised scheme aims to enhance gender diversity across the wind sector. 

This year the scheme will welcome 21 participants from 13 different countries for the fourth edition of the program. They represent a diverse pool of applicants from a variety of disciplines and sectors within the wind industry. They will take part in the year-long program which focuses on training, mentorship, fostering knowledge and skill-sharing to advance the participants’ careers to leadership roles.

This year’s cohort will be the fourth round of participants in the scheme designed to ensure the energy transition is delivered by a diverse workforce drawing on a variety of perspectives and skills. 

A 2020 report from IRENA found that around 21 per cent of the global wind energy workforce was female. When it came to senior management roles, the report, Wind energy: A gender perspective’, found a dire gap with only 8 per cent of roles held by women. 

To deliver a just energy transition, the renewable energy sector must be a diverse, representative sector and the Women in Wind programme is delighted to welcome another intake for 2022, and to help them develop their skills and become integral figures in the renewable energy sector.

GWEC and GWNET would like to thank this year’s partners JERA, and BlueFloat Energy

"The drive for gender equality has been challenged by the pandemic, but it is vital for everyone working to help the world achieve its net zero goals that we ensure a variety of ideas, voices, and perspectives are part of the work delivering the energy transition."

Jeanette Gitobu, Director of the Women in Wind Global Leadership Programme, said: “We’re delighted to welcome this year’s participants to the 2022 Global Leadership Program. This year’s applications demonstrated the growing strength of the industry, but also the value of the important work this program does. Previous participants can be found across the industry, ensuring their voices are heard in the energy transition, and it is exciting to see so many women eager to follow in their footsteps and make their impact felt in the industry.

“The drive for gender equality has been challenged by the pandemic, but it is vital for everyone working to help the world achieve its net zero goals that we ensure a variety of ideas, voices, and perspectives are part of the work delivering the energy transition. It fills me with pride to see the participants, the mentors, GWEC, and GWNET work to ensure that happens. 

Christine Lins, Executive Director at GWNET, commented: “We are thrilled to have received over 140 applications for this year’s cohort especially during a time when the pandemic hampered efforts towards gender equality in many sectors. Programs like Women in Wind are not only important to bring visibility to the challenge of gender equality in the industry, but also to invest human resources and knowledge in the wind energy leaders of tomorrow. This is essential in order to drive the global energy transition and reach our climate goals. The profiles of the applicants we received this year were very impressive, and it is inspiring to see so many women across the world working to accelerate the global energy transition. With 21 participants this year, we look forward to continue empowering women professionals and supporting their career advancement to leadership positions.”

Some comments from 2022 participants: 

Boldmaa Jargalsaikhan, Manager, Overseas Offshore Wind Power Business Group, JERA Co., Inc., 2022 Women in Wind participant

“I would like to find the best way and fine-tune my career path to become an experienced industry professional. I would like to learn not only the industry knowledge through the entire Women in Wind Global Leadership Program and mentorship sessions, but also the personal story and endeavour behind the mentor’s success”.

Reshmy Prasad, Engineer, Project Engineering, DNV, 2022 Women in Wind participant

“The energy field is constantly evolving, and the only way to keep pace with changes is to learn and update yourself. As an onshore wind energy consultant and technical learner, it is also essential to be updated about the various markets, industry trends, technical developments, business models, and strategies. Being in the consulting business for over three years, I am now looking at areas to specialise in the long term and taking up more responsibilities. In the next five years, I would like to deepen my understanding of the wind industry, develop my leadership skills and push my boundaries to become a specialist consultant in the wind energy sector driving the energy transition”.

Luisa Mora, Sales Engineer, Nordex SE, 2022 Women in Wind participant

My main goal in being part of the Women in Wind Global Leadership Program is to find women who have excelled in the industry and learn from them…I want to break with stereotypes…be part of the community of women in the industry. I want to inspire more girls and women to grow up in this world of wind energy. I want to have a role model and be one for the next generation.

Yasmin Abdulkadir, Head of Legal, Lake Turkana Wind Power, 2022 Women in Wind participant

My goals for joining the Women in Wind Global Leadership Program is to acquire leadership development skills through a diverse framework involving training, feedback opportunities, experiential learning, mentorship, and network development. My other reason is to gain hands-on experience to facilitate the mutual exchange of knowledge, methods and techniques with women and identify avenues for gender equality and women’s leadership in the renewable energy sphere. Women must be part of the economic, social, and political transformations that come with a transition to a clean energy future, to participate as agents of change rather than merely recipients.

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