Winds of change in global energy revolution

Abdul Latif Jameel Energy

The Global Wind Energy Council’s (GWEC‘Global Wind Report: Annual Market Update 2017’, published in April 2018, reveals how wind installations are taking root at the centre of the world’s renewable energy industry.

Wind energy will form a crucial part of the ambitions laid out in the Paris Agreement, the UN climate change agreement signed in 2016, which aims to ensure the unavoidable rise in global temperatures is constrained to below 2°C through positive action by government and industry. To achieve this goal, the renewable share of the world’s energy supply must rise from 15% today to 65% by 2050[1].

The GWEC report highlights many reasons to be positive. Economic reality is advancing wind energy’s cause far more effectively than any public relations campaign could hope. In North and Latin America, North Africa, and India, tenders are being submitted at US$ 0.03/kWh, while a recent tender in Mexico dipped below US$ 0.02/kWh.

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