Windaba 2016 and WindAc Africa

South Africa has excellent wind resources and is one of the leading new wind markets globally. It currently has a total of 1,053 MW of installed wind capacity with a further 3,000 MW at different stages of development.

Windaba 2016 aims to take a long term view towards a ‘30 GW or more’ wind industry - to establish what it would mean for South Africa, what needs to be done to get there, and what challenges would need to be overcome. This year’s event is themed “Towards 100% Renewables”, and will endeavour to address these questions, as well as the technical, policy, financial and operational topics that affect the South African industry at the moment.  Windaba will be held from 2-4 November in Cape Town.

New to Windaba this year, is WindAc Africa, a more technically and academic focused conference, taking place from 31 Oct-1 November. WindAc Africa will offer a platform for an international high-quality academic exchange on a broad spectrum of research topics in wind power including technical, environmental, socio-economic and policy subjects
For further information on WindAc Africa, please see the event website


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