Wind power now at 32GW and marching towards 75GW and beyond – Global Wind Day in India

June 15th is celebrated as “Global Wind Day” – 500 GW is installed worldwide and India ranks fourth in the World after China, USA, Germany with 32 GW as of March 2017

We salute the Government of India to fix a target of 75 GW of Wind Power by 2022 and this is achievable given the technology and manufacturing capability by OEMs, Investment Climate for Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and lead taken by the Union Government and Wind States to promote wind power by favourable policies, and with financial institutions and banks playing an active role.

Wind Power is just not an alternate source of power. It plays a vital role in shaping rural economy and providing rural employment. It is a “No Water Industry”. Wind Will play a greater role in future proofing power cost.

Importance of Renewable and Wind is seen in the Declaration of Paris Climate targets to save the Planet Earth from Global Warming.

The Government of India’s Declaration to encourage electrical vehicles and make it total by 2030 will drive demand through Renewable Energy in a growing markets like India.

Wind Industry is truly “Make in India” with 75 per cent localisation and with immense potential of exports as a foreign exchange earner.

Government of India’s promotion of “Green Jobs” through the National Skill Development Council is another demonstration to make wind industry as a career for young technicians and engineering students.

Global Wind Day is to showcase solidarity and support to wind and its technology to drive it as a “Green Revolution” to power India in the future.

We, in Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association (IWTMA) are proud to be a part to achieve energy security, without or minimal use of fossil fuels which will not last for ever and more so polluting.

We, in the IWTMA dedicate to power the Nation differently “Literally from thin air”.



Secretary General

June 15, 2017.

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