Wind power market to reach 60 GW in 2018, Asia keeps lead

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Annual wind power capacity additions in 2018 will reach 60 GW, with 29 GW of that installed in Asia, the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) forecasts.

China will remain the main growth driver in the sector. In 2014 it added an “astonishing” 23 GW of new wind power generation capacity and surpassed a cumulative total of 114 GW. According to GWEC, the country is well on the way to reach its 200-GW wind goal well before 2020.

“Wind power’s growth is increasingly driven by its competitive pricing, as well as because it enhances energy security, price stability and (especially in China) through the need to address the choking smog that is increasingly making major urban areas in the developing world unliveable, said Steve Sawyer, GWEC Secretary General.

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