Wind energy industry touts global growing business appeal


Global Wind Day aims to promote benefits of wind power to private sector firms

The annual event, organised by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) and the Global Wind Energy Council, will today stage a series of open days, school visits and marketing initiatives designed to raise the profile of wind energy to a wide range of audiences.

Malgosia Bartosik, acting CEO of the European Wind Energy Association, said the day would have a particular focus on the growing appeal of wind energy to business customers.

"Wind energy has become the favoured solution for large companies who need a reliable and consistent energy flow to power factories, operations and data centres," Bartosik said.

The day comes in the wake of a series of multi-million pound deals that have seen high-profile brands purchase power directly from wind energy providers.

Swedish retail giant IKEA recently announced a €1bn commitment to wind and solar projects, while BMW, General Motors, Nissan, Honda, CEMEX, Heineken, LEGO, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple have all signed wind energy deals in recent months.

"Climate change is happening faster than expected, but so is the transition to renewable energy," said Steve Sawyer, secretary general of the Global Wind Energy Council, in a statement. "As businesses become increasingly aware of the progress in technology and falling costs, we are seeing a rapid change in investment patterns. Companies like IKEA pave the way for a fossil free future and give an important example for others to follow."

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