Webcast on Wind: Powering the Future - US Edition

30 April 2020 I 17:00 - 18:00 CEST

About the Webcast

Join GWO and GWEC for a webinar highlighting the findings of their new report “Powering the Future: Global Offshore Wind Workforce Outlook 2020-2024″ and key takeaways specific to the US market. This landmark report addresses the workforce and training required to deliver offshore wind installations in key markets: North America, China (mainland), Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Brazil and South Korea. Drawing from proprietary training data, market growth forecasts and a series of expert interviews, this study answers the question: How much training is required, on a per MW basis, to work on-site building the pipeline of offshore wind in the target markets?

Alongside research partner Renewables Consulting Group, GWO and GWEC will share key conclusions from this industry study. These include the estimated trained workforce requirements for key offshore markets by 2024, as well as recommendations for resolving critical supply chain bottlenecks, from barriers to establishing training centres to a lack of familiarity with training standards.

Don’t miss this Webcast on Wind for concrete insights on the offshore wind supply chain, and a discussion on workforce requirements for the burgeoning US offshore wind industry.

The Webcast will include:

  • Opening remarks – Liz Burdock, CEO, Business Network for Offshore Wind
  • Critical standards for success in offshore wind – Jakob Lau Holst, CEO, Global Wind Organisation
  • US market outlook for offshore wind to 2024 – Feng Zhao, Strategy Director, Global Wind Energy Council
  • Insights and findings from the workforce study 2020-2024 – Renewables Consulting Group
  • Q&A – joined by GWO and GWEC experts
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