Webcast on Wind: Market Update and Outlook in Africa and Middle East

14 February 2020 I 11:00-12:00 CET

About the Webcast

Wind energy in Africa and the Middle East will be an important technology to produce cost-competitive, sustainable energy, transform the region’s energy system to ensure access to modern electricity for all, create long-term jobs and drive further investments to power local economic growth. The market for wind energy has been steadily growing over the past decade, and a surge in growth is on the horizon as a mature pipeline of projects comes into place and government initiatives such as South Africa’s IRP 2019 pave the way for market growth.
Join us for this Webcast on Wind to learn more about the latest market update and outlook from Africa and the Middle East!
Topics include:
• Overview of wind energy market in Africa & Middle East in 2019 – Feng Zhao, Strategy Director, GWEC 
• Key markets, challenges and opportunities for wind in Africa – Jon Lezamiz, Chair of GWEC’s Africa Task Force
• How can Africa unlock its wind power potential? – Emerson Clarke, Director of Growth and Partnerships, GWEC 
• Q&A

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