Webcast on Wind: Global Renewable Energy Investment Trends | China Edition

27 September 2019 | 10:00-11:00 CEST / 16:00 - 17:00 CST

About the Webcast

In 2018, the global clean energy investment totalled $332.1 billion and observed its fifth year in a row to have exceeded the $300 billion mark. While solar saw a drop-down of 24%, investment in wind rose 3% to $128.6 billion with offshore wind featured strongly and attracted $25.7 billion. As the world’s largest renewable energy market, China accounted for 45% of total global clean energy investment in 2018. Currently, China is shifting away from the government regulated feed-in tariff to auctions and eventually to subsidy-free onshore wind and offshore wind. Is this going to slow down the country’s investment in clean energy? How will the Chinese renewable energy market look like moving forward?

In this webcast, we invited the guest speakers from the industry’s leading organisations to discuss the current global renewable energy investment status and share their insights on the investment trends in China’s renewable energy market. This webcast’s structure will be:

  • The global renewable energy investment trends and opportunities – Johnathan Luan, China Renewable Energy Analyst, BloombergNEF.
  • The latest China’s renewable energy policies and investment environment – Wang Weiquan, Deputy Secretary General, Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA)
  • The perception of a leading European investor in China’s renewable market and a showcase of its renewable projects in China – Erwann Debos, Vice President, China Offshore Wind, EDF Renewables and Zhou Wei, O&M Director, China Offshore Wind, EDF Renewables
  • Q&A – Moderated by Feng Zhao, Strategy Director, GWEC

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