Webcast on Wind: Doing Business in Argentina

22 August 2019 I 16:00-17:00 CEST

About the Webcast

Argentina has been one of the fastest growing wind energy markets in Latin America, with 968 MW of installed capacity and a further 2.8 GW in the pipeline. This rapid development has been steered by an ambitious 20 per cent renewable energy target by 2025, which have led to the establishment of crucial financing schemes such as the RenovAR auctions and the MATER private PPA scheme to get wind energy projects off the ground in the country.

However, an economic slowdown and the upcoming elections may risk to slow down this incredible growth, as political support is key to develop the infrastructure and financing tools needed to support the wind energy sector. While the RenovAr 4 was announced in April this year at a GWEC co-organised event, the implementation of this auction will be subject to the outcome of the elections. Meanwhile the third auction round, MiniRenoVar, was also executed in the beginning of August, in which 259 MW were awarded. It is clear that while Argentina has the potential to be a leader in wind energy, the right support and policies will be key to ensure that this emerging sector continues to develop.

In this Webcast, we will dive into the current market status of Argentina’s wind energy sector and provide insights on what needs to be done in order to ensure that this market can reach its full potential


  • Introduction – Karin Ohlenforst, Director of Market Intelligence (5 min)
  • Market Update on Argentina – Ramon Fiestas, Chair of GWEC Latin America Committee (15 min)
  • What’s next for wind in Argentina – from RenovAr and beyond – Gabriel Bereziuk, Investment Consultant, Argentina Investment & Trade Promotion Agency (15 min)
  • Q&A – Moderated by Karin Ohlenforst (25 min)

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