VN advised to develop wind power


Viet Nam needs to focus on developing the wind power industry and implementing transparent policies on granting investment licences to wind power projects.

Experts said at a seminar on the development of wind power in Viet Nam held in Ha Noi on June 7 by the German and Danish embassies, alongside the GIZ – German international cooperation organisation.

The seminar was a chance for Viet Nam to learn from experiences of foreign countries and international experts in the development of wind power.

During the seminar, the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) said that to abolish some of the major barriers and to bring into play the full potential of Viet Nam’s wind power, the Government must increase its support for the development of the industry.

Secretary General of GWEC Steve Sawyer said that the organisation intends to help Viet Nam reap the benefits of the wind power sector, which are a clean and affordable energy source for economic development, the enhancement of energy security and the development of technology.

According to GWEC, the council is ready to help create favourable conditions and to support Viet Nam in wind power development.

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