‘We are, ultimately… still losing the war to save the planet’

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Twenty Questions with the Global Wind Energy Council boss

What defining events from your earliest years have shaped your views? Growing up in the US in the 1960s: the two Kennedy and King assassinations; watching the Chicago ’68 events on TV; the moon launch in 1969; and of course the Watergate hearings in the summer of 1973.

When did you develop a passion for environmental and clean-energy issues? Rather late, during my last couple of years at university.

Which person has had the greatest influence on you? My wife and partner of 30-plus years, Kelly Rigg; she has civilised me... mostly.

What was your first job? I had my first seven-day-a-week job (delivering newspapers) at age ten, and many others prior to finishing my education.

What is the biggest political change you would like to see in your lifetime? For the UN to become democratic, functional and very powerful, in that chronological order.

If granted one wish about our global future, what would you change? I would like to become certain that human beings are in fact more intelligent than the proverbial frog in the pot of slowly heating water.

What do you most enjoy about your job? The ability to help create and to witness small changes in our energy system turn into large ones which are ultimately transformative.

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