The ideal future power generation mix – wind perspective

Power Engineering International

Power Engineering International spoke to Steve Sawyer of the Global Wind Energy Council this week as part of our ongoing series, 'The Ideal Future Power Generation Mix'.

Questions posed to Steve during this Google Hangout include whether he thinks investment should be entirely focused on wind energy, or should there be an incremental transition prioritising renewables but ensuring the other conventional and nuclear power generators are available to maintain societies in the interim.

The GWEC chief also addresses whether there is room for the likes of gas and nuclear power while the transition to renewables is ongoing, as well as what the recent announcements on storage advances mean for the wind sector.

Finally there is an interesting take on the politics involved in the power industry and the obstacles presented to working together to benefit the world at large.

Apologies for some technical problems that meant questions weren't always clear, from an audio point of view. To discuss this hangout please go to our linkedin page or comment on the article links.

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