GWEC is pleased to join the FutureIsClean campaign

The FutureIsClean campaign is a global petition gathering together voices to support clean technologies and renewable energy use. The campaign calls for concrete action for a clean energy future. The results of this campaign will be brought by SolarImpulse at the COP21 Climate Summit in Paris in December.

To join the campaign see FutureIsClean on FacebookTwitter.


The FutureIsClean campaign calls for concrete actions for COP21

In December 2015, we will bring the voice of the Future Is Clean community to the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP21, held in Paris. World leaders will meet to reach a global agreement on climate change. Decisions made at this conference will be the legacy of our generation and shape the future of our planet. We need strong commitment and ambitious actions for a clean future.

Clean Technologies encompass all products and services that improve and replace old technologies by being more efficient in terms of energy and resource use, a lower demand of natural surfaces or reduced emissions of pollutants, and making a decisive contribution to sustainable development.

Clean technologies are applied in different sectors such as the energy sector (i.e. solar panels, wind turbines, storage systems, Smart Grids), the building and housing sector (i.e. LED-lights, insulation, intelligent heating and cooling systems), the mobility sector (i.e. light materials, electric cars, public transportation), or the industrial sector (i.e. efficient processes and production machines, electric engines, recycling, district heating). Typically, Clean Technologies are not only beneficial to the environment, but also to job creation, profit and economical growth.

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