Green Recovery

COVID-19 and impacts on global wind supply chains

Of all the possible shocks any of us thought we would have to deal with only a few short weeks ago, a deadly, global pandemic in the form of Covid-19 just wasn’t on anybody’s
radar. Like many other manufacturing or service enterprises, supply chains in the wind sector will continue to be impacted in the weeks and months ahead. Some project mile-stones
will be deferred, with impacts being felt throughout the whole value chain, whilst at the operational level; turbines, blades, component and material orders will be cancelled or unfulfilled.

Gender matters in our global response to the COVID-19 crisis

Our collective ability to bounce back from the pandemic greatly depends on the inclusivity of our response. And there is a strong argument to be made for considering the current crisis as a pivot point for shaping more inclusive business practices that could make the whole industry more resilient to future shocks.