Supply Chain, Port Infrastructure and Logistics Study for Offshore Wind Farm Development in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu

On behalf of the project consortium, we are pleased to present the Supply chain, Port infrastructure and Logistics Study for the states of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, which is an important outcome of the Facilitating Offshore Wind in India project’s second year. The four-year project aims to put together a roadmap for developing a sustainable and commercially viable offshore wind industry in India

India Wind Energy Outlook 2016

India’s development goals, to support a rapidly developing economy, to bring electricity to those who remain without India is growing at a rapid pace. Energy is key to achieving it, and to develop the infrastructure to meet the needs of what is soon expected to be the world’s most populous country.

Global Wind Report 2016

The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) released its flagship publication Global Wind Report: Annual Market Update 2016.

More than 54 GW of clean renewable wind power was installed across the global market in 2016, which now comprises more than 90 countries, including 9 with more than 10,000 MW installed, and 29 which have now passed the 1,000 MW mark. Cumulative capacity grew by 12.6% to reach a total of 486.8 GW.