Supply Chain, Port Infrastructure and Logistics Study for Offshore Wind Farm Development in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu


On behalf of the project consortium, we are pleased to present the Supply chain, Port infrastructure and Logistics Study for the states of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, which is an important outcome of the Facilitating Offshore Wind in India project’s second year. The four-year project aims to put together a roadmap for developing a sustainable and commercially viable offshore wind industry in India.

This report first provides an overview of the key supply chain elements required for offshore wind and undertakes an initial review of the potential for Indian companies to enter the market. Following on from the supply chain assessment a port infrastructure and logistics assessment is provided, identifying key component specifications, vessel requirements, installation strategies and port infrastructure required from manufacturing to installation and through to the operation and maintenance of an offshore wind farm. The report culminates with an offshore wind port readiness assessment for Gujarat and Tamil Nadu and provides an insight into project decommissioning.

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