Steve Sawyer: “As a society we face a myriad of challenges, both political and environmental, but the climate issue is the most obviously existential one.”


To lighten up your week and give you even more energizing thoughts, we publish interviews from our partner The Beam twice a week.

The Beam takes a modern perspective on the energy transition, interviewing inspirational people from around the world that shape our sustainable energy future.

This week, Anne-Sophie Garrigou, journalist at The Beam, interviewed Steve Sawyer, Secretary General of the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) since April 2007. The Global Wind Energy Council represents the major wind energy associations as well as the major companies involved in the global wind industry. At the GWEC, Steve Sawyer is focused on working with intergovernmental organizations to ensure that wind power takes its rightful place as a viable energy option for the future, and to open up new markets for the industry in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Here Steve Sawyer talks about how his experiences as a young man led him to work in renewables, as well as the GWEC’s missions.

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