Southeast Asia Taskforce Governance Structure

Governance Structure Update (August 2019)

Before we launch into a more detailed discussion of work to be accomplished, let us define three key components as of how this Southeast Asia taskforce will operate.

1. Country-based Work Group

We will be starting four email groups based on the major markets (Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia) that we identified, and the team will work together from there. At this stage, we will not elect a leader of the various work groups to avoid complications. 

The purpose of the email group is to:

  • share information on each market among the members of the group (regulatory news, market dynamics);
  • for GWEC to share with you our strategy and actions in this market, such as policy papers and GWEC’s market outlook.
*GWEC Asia Secretariat (Shuxin Lim) will reach out to you individually when it comes to important policy papers for your comments.

Please indicate your work group interest.

    *Click while holding ctrl button (windowns) or cmd button (mac) to select multiple workgroups that you want to join.

    2. Conference Call

    We will conduct conference calls on an ad-hoc basis if policy issues emerge.  

    3. Physical Meetings

    There will be physical meetups around 3 to 4 times during the calendar year. It will be organised around various wind industry events conducted by  GWEC’s. The next SEA taskforce meeting will be held near Asia Clean Energy Summit in Singapore at the end of October 2019. More details of the meeting will be sent when it come closer to the event. 

    Contact Us

    Shuxin Lim

    Please feel free to contact GWEC Asia Secretariat ([email protected]) for more information.