South Korea planning big boost of renewables and offshore wind

Offshore Wind

In a little more than a decade, South Korea could have offshore wind capacity of 13 GW if ambitious plans laid out in its latest plan for electricity supply and demand come to fruition.

South Korea aims to triple the share of renewables in the country’s power mix by 2030 which translates to adding about 47 GW of new wind and solar capacity, according to the government’s latest draft policy roadmap.

The country will also cut back the share of coal and nuclear in its electricity supply – although not as sharply as expected – under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy’s (MOTIE) draft of the Eighth Basic Plan for Electricity Supply and Demand, which provides South Korea’s power development roadmap for the next 15 years.

According to information from the Global Wind Energy Council’s (GWEC’s) latest Global Wind Report, renewables will account for 27.3% of Korea’s total power capacity in 2030, increasing nearly threefold from 9.7% this year. The share of renewables in power generation will increase accordingly from 6.2% now to 20% in 2030.

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