5 May , 2023

REvolutionaries award opens for young wind energy pioneers in south-east Asia.

05 May, Brussels | The fourth year of the REvolutionaries: The Steve Sawyer Memorial Award has launched with this year’s award focusing on wind energy pioneers in south-east Asia. The award is looking for young people working in the public or private sector, or civil society across the region who believe they can become an energy leader of tomorrow.

The REvolutionaries award was founded in 2020 by Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), Greenpeace International, and REN21 in honour of the life’s work of GWEC’s late CEO Steve Sawyer. Steve was a tenacious renewable energy warrior, and his firm belief in renewable energy as a climate change solution continues to inspire those in the climate and renewables sector.

Reflecting Steve’s values, the award seeks to empower young people working on the frontiers of the renewable energy revolution in developing countries, with a different regional focus for the award every year.

“Steve’s legacy is a driving force for GWEC, and it is our honour to support young pioneers in the sector to help carry on Steve’s work. South-east Asia is at the heart of the energy transition, with exciting new markets developing rapidly and a new workforce emerging to build the new industries transforming across the region. This is a crucial decade of climate action and it is vital to highlight the work being done by younger generations driving renewable energy innovations and initiatives that will help to deliver the change the world needs.”

REN21, added: “REN21 is a firm believer that the 21st century heroes are young people who will REvolutionise the current defective system built around fossil fuels and build renewable infrastructure to improve the lives of millions. The legacy of Steve lives on with the REvolutionaries Award. From Africa to Latin America and now South-east Asia, the award highlights the brilliance of heroes who are turning the tide and setting the sails towards healthier, more prosperous, secure and sustainable economies and societies, improving the life quality of millions along the way. South-east Asia is the emblem of Innovation and technology that serves the higher good. It is the ideal moment and place to recognise the leaders of the energy transition with the Steve Sawyer REvolutionise Award,” – Arthouros Zervos REN21 President.

The winner will receive a prize to empower the recipient to further their work in driving the clean energy revolution. The prize package includes €4,000 as a monetary prize, funded travel to attend a regional GWEC or GWEC-affiliated event, as well as opportunities to promote the recipient’s thought leadership to a global network.

A jury will determine the winner of the award, focusing on five key criteria: leadership, renewable energy, innovation, scalability, and diversity. The jury is composed of people close to Steve, including members of Steve’s family and personal network, GWEC, REN21 and Greenpeace International.

Applications are now open for the award, until July. More information about the award and how to apply can be found here.

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