1 June 2021
11:00-12:00 CEST



About the Webinar

On 1 June, the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and Global Wind Organisation (GWO), in collaboration with Renewables Consulting Group (RCG), will publish the second edition of their joint report ‘Global Wind Workforce Outlook 2021-2025’, which takes a unique qualitative analysis of the workforce training needs required to fulfil market forecast in key wind growth markets across the world.

As the world continues to reel from the economic impacts of COVID-19 while parallelly scaling-up net zero and climate ambition, the global wind industry offers a solution to address both the economic and climate crisis. According to GWEC, major industry expansion over the next five years will spur the creation of over 3.3 million direct local jobs in the wind industry – but we need to make sure we have a trained, safe, and sustainable workforce in place to realise the full potential of the wind industry to create jobs and accelerate the energy transition.

In the official launch event for ‘Global Wind Workforce Outlook 2021-2025’, we will hear from the report authors on the key takeaways to meet workforce demands in key onshore and offshore wind markets, insights on working in the industry from wind power workers around the world, and from international experts on the importance of building a trained workforce to ensure health and safety of workers, secure the long-term sustainability of the sector, and create millions of local jobs to power a green recovery and the global energy transition.


Opening Remarks

  • Stewarts Mullin, COO, GWEC
  • Jakob Lau Holst, CEO, GWO
  • Michael Renner, Programme Officer, IRENA

Top Takeaways from the Global Wind Workforce Outlook

  • Julian Das, Senior Associate at RCG 

What does it mean to work in wind power?

Messages from wind power workers in emerging markets around the world on what it means to them to work in the wind industry and the importance of standardised training in building a wind power workforce!

Panel Discussion

A panel of experts will take questions from the audience on key findings from the report, standardised training requirements, health & safety, job opportunities in the sector, and much more!

  • Joyce Lee, Head of Policy & Projects, GWEC
  • Jakob Lau Holst, CEO, GWO
  • Michael Renner, Programme Officer, IRENA
  • Julian Das, Senior Associate, RCG
  • Paulo Cordeiro, Director, spwind