A Race We Must Win


To Vestas, the Volvo Ocean Race represents more than one of the world’s most challenging ocean races over 38,739 nautical miles. It’s also about what wind can power beyond the sails of the boats. Wind not only powers Team Vestas Wind across the seas but also in an even bigger race: A race for all of us to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. A race we must win. Just like Team Vestas Wind, our success depends on our ability to collaborate and to set the pace for the industry. As the global leader in wind energy, Vestas makes wind work better every day by delivering best-in-class wind energy solutions to the benefit of our customers and our planet.

In the first major marketing investment after the successful turnaround, Vestas is dedicating its participation in this year’s Volvo Ocean Race sailing competition to raise awareness for causes beyond sports: tackling the global threats of Climate Change, Energy Poverty and Water Scarcity – and for sustainable, economical solutions available through wind energy. More..

By bringing environmental awareness into the arena of sports marketing we aim to lead “A Race We Must Win” against these three global energy–related challenges, and position wind energy as part of the solution.

Vestas is campaigning for the following:

  • A price on carbon emissions is a necessary and effective measure to tackle climate change.
  • Mini grids are an effective and affordable way to achieve broad rural electrification to fight energy poverty.
  • Reducing the energy-related water use is crucial to sustainably fight water scarcity.


A Race We Must Win– Manifesto

From time immemorial, humanity has looked to the wind for hope, for harbingers of change, for the promise of victory.

That’s why Vestas is competing in the Volvo Ocean Race. Over nine months, eleven ports of call, and 39,000 nautical miles, it embodies the convergence of technology, human ingenuity, and the monumental strength of the wind. To win, you need heart and mind, ambition and optimism, skill and nature.

The awe-inspiring challenge of the Volvo Ocean Race perfectly captures the mission of Vestas, the only global company wholly devoted to wind energy. Just as the wind will fill the sails of Team Vestas Wind and propel it to the finish line, it also powers us in a race with even greater significance for everyone on this fragile planet. With the wind’s help, we are creating a smarter way of living, a better model for business, and a more sustainable future. Truly, this is a race we must win.

Wind brings hope. More than 1 billion people still live without reliable electricity. But wind can power affordable progress in the fight against energy poverty. It fuels medical equipment and lights schools. It energises water pumps in areas of scarcity while using little of that precious resource. It invigorates businesses, opens new paths to prosperity, and takes us places we never imagined we could go.

Wind brings harbingers of change. We know the importance of adjusting to the winds. Which is why Vestas believes in being not only the world’s undisputed wind power leader but also a pioneer of a transformative model of business. We work nonstop to live out our passion for customer service and improve our leading-edge technology. We strive to lower the cost of energy, making it both environmentally beneficial and financially optimal to choose wind over less earth-friendly alternatives.

Wind brings the promise of victory in the fight for a cleaner, greener, more energy-efficient world. As we wrestle with climate change and worries about energy security, it hints at the possibility of a more sustainable future. Though much of the world may be late to this endeavour—just as Vestas joins the Volvo Ocean Race at the eleventh hour—we believe success is not only within reach but also imperative.

With teamwork and pioneering spirit, world-class technology, and the wind at our backs, we will achieve our goals—both in the Volvo Ocean Race and in the push to create a brighter, better tomorrow. Indeed we have no choice. Truly, this is a race we must win.

As part of our Volvo Ocean Race activities, we will engage with more than a thousand decision makers among our key customers in major markets, including South Africa, China, Brazil and the US which represent a significant part of our business for the next few years. There will be millions of spectators coming down to harbours, and these are citizens and consumers that need a message that is meaningful for them. Our campaign will not end when the Volvo Ocean Races finishes in Gothenburg in June 2015, but will feed into the effort to get concrete solutions to stop climate change at the Paris COP meeting later next year.

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