Question of the Week: Is GWEC’s prediction achievable?

Windpower Monthly

WORLDWIDE: Last week, Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) published a report stating 2TW of wind could be installed by 2030. Windpower Monthly asked whether this is a realistic goal.

Question: Are GWEC's figures achievable?

Nicolas Navas, investment principal, Actis

I think it is perfectly doable as we see that the majority of the new installed capacity will come from the emerging markets.

Actis is currently working actively in the sector and we see significant progress in certain markets such as Chile, Mexico, Brazil, India, South Africa.

As the technology becomes more cost competitive vis-a-vis traditional power generation it is likely that there will be more and more installed capacity and the emerging markets offer in many cases the best wind resource to maximise the potential of some of those sites.

We can not comment on a specific target but it is impressive the level of interest in our target markets.

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