Indian Wind Energy Outlook 2011


According to the ‘Indian Wind Energy Outlook 2011’ published jointly by GWEC, WISE and IWTMA; 65.2 GW of wind power could be installed in Indian by 2020, up from 13.1 GW at the end of 2010. This would attract around $10.4bn of annual investment to the sector, and create 170,000 ‘green collar’ jobs in manufacturing, project development, installation, operation, maintenance, consulting etc. At the same time, it would save 174 tons of CO2 every year. By 2030, the installed capacity could reach as much as 160.7 GW.

In order to fully exploit the indigenous energy source at its doorstep, the Indian government needs to address several challenges and barriers that are holding back development. This includes a national renewable energy law, incentives for repowering, and rapid up-scaling of grid infrastructure to transport increasing amounts of wind power to the demand centres. It highlights the key role wind power could play in fueling India’s growing energy demand, by delivering substantial amounts of clean energy

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