China Wind Energy Outlook 2012

The China Wind Energy Outlook 2012 is the fourth edition in the series, following the 2007, 2008 and 2010 editions jointly published by the Chinese Renewable Energy Industry Association, Greenpeace, GWEC and the Chinese Wind Energy Association. This year's version takes stock of the Chinese wind energy market, providing a comprehensive outlook on the current status of the industry with prospects for the future.

China led the global wind energy market for a third year in a row adding 17.63 GW of new wind capacity in 2011. Most of the installations were in the wind-rich areas in the north, northeast and northwest part of the country, but in 2011 wind development started moving towards decentralised projects in the lower wind speed regions.

The Outlook projects China's wind power capacity to reach between 200-300 GW by 2020 and over 400 GW by 2030; this would mean that wind power would supply about 8.4% of total electricity consumption, and 15% of installed capacity in China. Retrospectively, it estimates that in 2011 71.5 billion kilowatt hours were generated by wind in China, making up 1.5% of the national total electricity output and reducing CO2 emissions by about 70 million tons.

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