14 March 2023



Public Webinar: Capturing Economies Opportunities From Wind Power in Developing Economies

There is a growing body of evidence which shows that wind energy can help governments accelerate a green economic growth, and form a bedrock for sustainable economic growth in the future. The benefits of wind energy are wide-ranging and expand beyond clean power generation. They include sustainable job creation, public health cost savings which would be spent redressing the impacts of fossil fuel generation, water consumption savings which would otherwise be used for thermal generation, and a significant capital injection in a local value chain.

The sector is particularly attractive for developing economies which need to phase out fossil fuels while maintaining economic growth, meeting fast-growing electricity demand, safeguarding energy security and prices.

The Capturing Economies Opportunities From Wind Power in Developing Economies report comes out on 13 March, and will be available for download here

Sign up for the webinar and join our discussion as we take a deep dive into the the economic opportunities wind power can have on the following developing economies:

  • Argentina
  • Morocco 
  • Colombia
  • Indonesia
  • Egypt 



Reshmi Ladwa

COP28 Programme Director and Policy Officer


Alexander Bath

Communications Director





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