Past Events

WindEurope Conference and Exhibition 2017

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

28/11/2017 - 30/11/2017

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WindEurope’s conference and exhibition will be held from 28-30 November in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

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Windaba 2017 and WindAc Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

14/11/2017 - 16/11/2017

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Windaba 2017 – Wind Power: Building Futures

Windaba Conference and Exhibition is the largest wind energy conference on the African continent bringing together some 600 international and domestic decision makers and stakeholders that are active in the region’s wind industry.

This year, the 7th edition of Windaba will have as its theme ‘Wind Power: Building Futures’. Windaba is organised annually by SAWEA …

China Wind Power 2017

Beijing, China

17/10/2017 - 19/10/2017

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China Wind Power (CWP) is one of the most influential events in the wind industry. The
event is co-organized by five leading organizations: Chinese Wind Energy Association
(CWEA), Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA), Global Wind Energy
Council (GWEC), China National Renewable Energy Centre (CNREC) and China Wind
Energy Equipment Association (CWEEA).  The event has hosted 9 editions since its …

Mexico WindPower 2017

Mexico City, Mexico

01/03/2017 - 02/03/2017

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Call for Posters now closed

Mexico WindPower (MWP) is the most important annual event of the wind industry in Mexico and is co-organized by the Mexican Wind Energy Association (AMDEE), the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and E. J. Krause de Mexico.

As the market continues to grow at rapid speed, so does our need to expand our knowledge about the …

Windaba 2016 and WindAc Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

02/11/2016 - 04/11/2016

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South Africa has excellent wind resources and is one of the leading new wind markets globally. It currently has a total of 1,053 MW of installed wind capacity with a further 3,000 MW at different stages of development.

Windaba 2016 aims to take a long term view towards a ‘30 GW or more’ wind industry – to establish what it would …

Financing Wind in Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

25/10/2016 - 25/10/2016

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One-day Interactive Seminar

25 October, 09h00-18h00
Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires

RenovAR ROUND 1 and beyond:  
Challenges and Opportunities to underpin the market


The first auction under Argentina’s innovative renewables program – RenovAR – has proved far more attractive than expected, with bids submitted for more than six times the 1000 MW of capacity that …

China Wind Power 2016


19/10/2016 - 21/10/2016

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The 10th edition of China Wind Power will take place in Beijing, China from 19-21 October 2016.

China Wind Power is the official wind industry event organised annually by GWEC, Chinese Renewable Energy Agency (CREIA) and Chinese Wind Energy Association (CWEA).

China Wind Power is the world’s leading exhibition and conference in the wind power sector and this year will prove no …

WindEurope Summit/ WindEnergy Hamburg 2016


27/09/2016 - 30/09/2016

WindEurope Summit 2016, 27/09/2016 – 29/09/2016
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WindEnergy Hamburg 2016, 27/09/2016 – 30/09/2016
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GWEC is proud to once again support WindEnergy Hamburg and the WindEurope Summit as Global Partner. This event will be one of the biggest on the international wind power calendar and a ‘must’ for stakeholders from across the supply chain.  The combination of WindEurope’s leading …

Brazil Windpower 2016

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

30/08/2016 - 01/09/2016

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The largest wind power conference and exhibition in Latin America!

Brazil is ranked 10th globally in terms of installed wind capacity.  During 2015, it installed 2.75 GW – a record for Brazil – bringing the total to 8.72 GW, which accounts for 6.3% of the Brazilian energy matrix. More than R$ 16 billion have been invested, 41,000 jobs created, more than …

AWEA’s Windpower 2016

New Orleans, USA

23/05/2016 - 26/05/2016

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WINDPOWER is the annual conference and exhibition for the U.S. wind industry hosted by the American Wind Energy Association(AWEA). It’s the nexus of wind energy professionals who converge to generate actionable ideas for expanding the wind energy economy through technology and collaboration.

Meet up with us at AWEA’s WINDPOWER 2016

Meet up with us at AWEA’s WINDPOWER 2016 (23-26 May 2016) to …

Mexico WindPower 2016

Mexico city

24/02/2016 - 25/02/2016

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As of the end of 2014, Mexico had an installed capacity of 2,551 MW, in 31 wind farms operating in Oaxaca, Baja California, Chiapas, Jalisco, Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosi, and Nuevo Leon. Currently six more projects are in construction that will start operations in 2015, contributing 732 MW more to the country’s wind-power installed capacity.  By 2018, more than 9,500 …

EWEA 2015 Annual Event

Paris, France

17/11/2015 - 20/11/2015

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The global wind industry is becoming increasingly crowded with new players. Every year, EWEA brings together over 60 nationalities from across the world, making the EWEA Annual Event truly international and a great place to find new suppliers, check out new developments and build partnerships.

GWEC at EWEA 2015

GWEC is organising a series of activities at EWEA2015, …

Windaba 2015

Cape Town, South Africa

04/11/2015 - 05/11/2015

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The 5th edition of Windaba will take place in Cape Town, South Africa from 4-5 November 2015.  The conference is themed: “Powering the winds of change”.


The expanded and accelerated renewable energy investment programme (REIPPP) underway in South Africa has stimulated investment and created a thriving market for wind energy. There are currently 294 wind turbines installed with plans to reach …

China Wind Power 2015

Beijing, China

14/10/2015 - 16/10/2015

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The 9th edition of China Wind Power will take place in Beijing, China from 14-16 October 2015.

China Wind Power is the official wind industry event organised annually by GWEC, Chinese Renewable Energy Agency (CREIA) and Chinese Wind Energy Association (CWEA).

China Wind Power … an event organised by the industry, for the industry

Click here for full programme.

Workshop ‘Legal framework for onshore wind in the EU’

Husum, Germany

16/09/2015 - 16/09/2015

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Husum Wind 2015

Husum, Germany

15/09/2015 - 18/09/2015

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GWEC is Husum Wind’s global partner, providing continued support to ‘The Home of the Wind Industry’.

With Husum Wind’s new focus on national companies and being the hub of know-how and education of the wind energy sector, GWEC will be setting up sponsored side events for companies wanting the opportunity to provide technical or research-type content during the show.  For information about …

Brazil Windpower 2015

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

01/09/2015 - 03/09/2015

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The sixth edition of Brazil Windpower will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 1-3 September 2015.

Call for Papers now closed!

Brazil is one of the most promising markets for wind energy.  Ranked 10th globally in terms of installed wind capacity, Brazil built 95 new wind farms in 2014, totalling 2.5 GW, which brought total installed capacity to 5.9 GW …

International Workshop on Scaling Up Wind Energy in Mongolia

Ulanbaatar, Mongolia

04/06/2015 - 05/06/2015

The Mongolian government is committed to exploiting the country’s rich renewable energy resources to meet its rapidly growing energy demand.

The Renewable Energy Law which was adopted in 2007 introduced a feed-in-tariff for wind power, currently set at USD $ 8-9.5 cents/kWh. Additionally, the government’s National Renewable Energy Program for the period  2005-2020 sets a target of 20-25%  of renewable energy in …

Doing Business in Mexico

Orlando, USA

21/05/2015 - 21/05/2015

The detailed implementing legislation for the grand Energy Reform which was agreed in December 2013 is still being worked out with things needing to move rather quickly due to very ambitious targets for wind (9,500 MW by 2018; 15,000 MW by 2022). How will this be achieved and who will the next big market players be? Find out during the …


Orlando, USA

18/05/2015 - 21/05/2015

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WINDPOWER is the annual conference and exhibition for the U.S. wind industry hosted by the American Wind Energy Association(AWEA). It’s the nexus of wind energy professionals who converge to generate actionable ideas for expanding the wind energy economy through technology and collaboration.


Join GWEC’s Doing Business in Mexico session21 May 2015

The detailed implementing legislation for the grand Energy Reform which was …

Intercontinental Wind Power Congress 2015

Istanbul, Turkey

31/03/2015 - 02/04/2015

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GWEC and EWEA are joining forces to partner with the Turkish Wind Energy Association (TWEA) on a new wind event in the spring of 2015 – Intercontinental Wind Power Congress.  Turkey, the natural bridge between Asia, Africa and Europe, has enormous wind potential with already 3000 MW of installed capacity, a further 11 GW in planning stages, and expectations to …

EWEA Offshore 2015

Copenhagen, Denmark

10/03/2015 - 12/03/2015

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Join us for GWEC-led session on 11 March from 17h-18h30 during EWEA Offshore 2015.

“Growing your offshore wind business in North America and Asia”

Session description

As part of a series of ‘Doing Business in …’ workshops, this interactive session – organised by Global Wind Energy Council – will focus on offshore markets outside Europe.  Speakers will share their experience and insights into …

Mexico WindPower 2015

Mexico city, Mexico

25/02/2015 - 26/02/2015

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The fourth edition of Mexico WindPower will held from 25-26 February 2015.  Further information on the event, including sponsorship and exhibition opportunities can be found on the event website.

Mexico WindPower is an annual event jointly organised by the Global Wind Energy Council, the Mexican wind energy association (AMDEE) and event organiser EJ Krause.



Mexico WindPower 2015 will be the most important …

Windaba 2014

Cape Town, South Africa

03/11/2014 - 05/11/2014

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Windaba 2014 – Register now!

The industry in South Africa is in a very rapid growth phase with 1985 MW of projects awarded by the end of 2013, expectations of 5 GW of installed capacity within 10 years, and ambitions for 9 GW by 2030. All of this inevitably comes with challenges and issues to address.

This year’s conference – with the theme …

CanWEA 2014

Montreal, Canada

27/10/2014 - 30/10/2014

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CanWEA’s 30th Annual Conference and Exhibition will be taking place October 27-30, 2014, at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal in the exciting city of Montréal, Québec. This premier event will bring together over 2,000 delegates and almost 200 exhibiting companies from around the globe to discuss opportunities and latest developments in Canada’s emerging wind energy industry.

The exhibition will provide …

China Wind Power 2014

Beijing, China

22/10/2014 - 24/10/2014

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The eighth edition of China Wind Power will take place from 22-24 October 2014 in Beijing, China.

China Wind Power is jointly organised by GWEC, Chinese Wind Energy Association (CWEA) and Chinese Renewable Energy Industry Association (CREIA).

For further information please see the event website

AWEA’s Offshore Windpower 2014

Atlantic City, NJ, USA

07/10/2014 - 08/10/2014

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2014 will be a turning point for the U.S. offshore wind energy industry. With projects in advanced stages of development, plans for lease auctions in several states, and an upcoming announcement of finalists for the Department of Energy’s Advanced Technology Demonstration Project Initiative, the U.S. offshore wind energy industry is picking up speed and momentum. 2014 will be a critical …

WindEnergy Hamburg 2014

Hamburg, Germany

26/09/2014 - 26/09/2014

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GWEC is the official global partner of WindEnergy Hamburg.

From 23-26 September 2014, Hamburg will become your gateway to the world of wind energy. The new international fair, WindEnergy Hamburg, will provide a comprehensive overview of the current status and future prospects of the sector – along the entire value chain of the international wind industry, onshore and offshore. 

As official global …


Las Vegas, USA

05/05/2014 - 08/05/2014

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WINDPOWER is the annual conference and exhibition for the U.S. wind industry hosted by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). It’s the nexus of wind energy professionals who converge to generate actionable ideas for expanding the wind energy economy through technology and collaboration.

10% discount for GWEC members!!

AWEA is offering GWEC members a 10% discount off full conference registration passes – …

EWEA 2014 Annual Event

Barcelona, Spain

10/03/2014 - 13/03/2014

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EWEA 2014 Annual Event, Europe’s premier wind energy event, presents an international platform for the wind energy industry to showcase and demonstrate its latest products and services. As well as an extensive exhibition, the event features a broad conference programme and unrivalled networking opportunities.

The global marketplace is becoming increasingly crowded with new players. Every year, EWEA brings together over 60 …

Mexico WindPower 2014

Mexico City, Mexico

26/02/2014 - 27/02/2014

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In many parts of the world, wind power now competes alongside other conventional power generation technologies.

Mexico as a nation shows great potential in this field, and according to SENER’s Energy Secretary (Initiative for the Development of Renewable Energy in Mexico):¬†‚ÄúResearch shows the relevance that wind power is having on Mexico‚Äôs technology within the energy sector, with 1,370 MW already in …

Wind Energy Asia 2014

Jeju Island, South Korea

19/02/2014 - 21/02/2014

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The second edition of Wind Energy Asia is planned to take place in Jeju Island, South Korea, from 19-21 February 2014.  Mark your agenda! 

Further information on the conference, sponsorship and exhibition opportunities will be posted soon on the event website at

Offshore wind power potential of Gujarat

Gujarat, India

01/02/2014 - 01/02/2014

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Economic growth in India is opening up great potential for the development of renewable resources. Technological advancement in this sector is essential for meeting the ever increasing energy demand of the country. Offshore Wind Power in Gujarat has the potential to generate and deliver sustainable supplies of clean, renewable …

EWEA Offshore 2013

Frankfurt, Germany

19/11/2013 - 21/11/2013

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The world’s largest offshore conference and exhibition comes to Frankfurt in 2013.

EWEA OFFSHORE 2013 will be a guiding light for the offshore industry, providing the latest information, predicting trends, showcasing cutting-edge innovations and connecting key industry and political players.

Why Frankfurt?

Financing offshore is becoming more and more of a challenge, so we have chosen to meet in the strategic location and …

China Wind Power 2013

Beijing, China

16/10/2013 - 18/10/2013

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China Wind Power 2013 will take place in Beijing from 16-18 October 2013.  The event will include a 3 day conference and exhibition.

Call for abstracts have just closed and the  programme can be seen here.

CanWEA’s 29th Annual Conference & Exhibition

Toronto, Canada

07/10/2013 - 10/10/2013

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This annual ‘can’t miss’ event will be held from 7-10 October 2013 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Ontario, Canada.

CanWEA 2013 Conference & Exhibition is¬†Canada’s largest wind energy conference attracting over 2,000 delegates and¬†almost 200 exhibiting companies from around the world. It is the place to see products and services, learn industry brand names, network with leading industry decision …

Windaba 2013

Cape Town, South Africa

25/09/2013 - 27/09/2013

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Supported by a depth of state legislation, a decisive move towards an energy mix which includes renewables and overwhelming international confidence, the  South African wind industry looks set to continue its exponential growth.

With 81 main programme speakers confirmed, SAWEA and GWEC are pleased to announce that its 3rd annual conference and exhibition is already 86% to SOLD OUT.¬† Members of …

Brazil Windpower 2013

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

03/09/2013 - 05/09/2013

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Wind power is the fastest growing source of power generation in Brazil.  Since 2009, when the Brazilian government took a series of incentive measures to introduce wind power into the Brazilian energy matrix, the energy auctions have already contracted abut 6,7 GW of installed power, and expects to install 2GW of wind power per year until 2020.

And this rapid growth is …

Global Wind Day 2013

Around the world

15/06/2013 - 15/06/2013

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Global Wind Day is a worldwide event that occurs annually on 15 June. It is a day for discovering wind, its power and the possibilities it holds to change our world.

In more than 75 countries around the world, wind farms are in operation, generating energy from a clean and renewable source.

Thousands of individuals are involved in the production of energy …

Windpower 2013

Chicago, USA

05/05/2013 - 08/05/2013

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WINDPOWER¬Æ is the focal point for wind professionals to network with and learn from industry leaders and experts, and to discover the latest in industry products and services. All of your industry peers ‚Äì and competitors ‚Äì will be at WINDPOWER 2013; it‚Äôs where serious wind professionals convene to grow their companies, find solutions to their business challenges, and reconnect …

Wind Energy Asia 2013

Jeju, South Korea

24/02/2013 - 26/02/2013

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Wind Energy Asia 2013 is co-hosted by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and Jeju Special Self-Governing Province. The nation‚Äôs only wind power exhibition co-organized by the Global Wind Energy Council, Asian Development Bank, Creativity Institute, ICC Jeju, Korea Wind Energy Association, Korea Wind Energy Industry Association and Prime Communication Inc.WEA 2013 is the place for exchanging high-grade information on the …

EWEA 2013 annual event

Vienna, Austria

04/02/2013 - 07/02/2013

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EWEA 2013 Annual Event is Europe‚Äôs wind energy conference and exhibition. Taking place on 4 ‚Äì 7 February 2013 in the central location of Vienna (Austria), this event will bring together industry leaders and technology pioneers from mature and emerging markets. At this event, EWEA aims to provide the wind industry with an international platform where companies from across the …

Mexico WindPower 2013

Mexico City, Mexico

30/01/2013 - 31/01/2013

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The second edition of Mexico WindPower will take place on 30-31 January at Centro Banamex, Mexico City. Following on from the success of last year’s conference, and the enormous wind energy potential in Mexico, the forum offers 5,000m2 of exhibition space for companies to display and promote their latest products and services. The two day conference will focus on promoting …

Wind Power India 2012

Chennai, India

28/11/2012 - 30/11/2012

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The second edition of WindPower India will take place in Chennai, India from 28-30 November 2012. The Indian market is growing at a rapid pace with current installed capacity of more than 16,000 MWand an annual market of up to 5 GW by 2015. Continued increase in demand and policy priority for renewables has turned India into one of the …

China Wind Power 2012

Beijing, China

15/11/2012 - 17/11/2012

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If you do wind power business in China, you cannot afford to miss China Wind Power!

Organized by the three leading associations in the domestic and international wind power arena – Global Wind Energy Council, China Renewable Energy Industry Association, China Wind Energy Association ‚Äì China Wind Power (CWP) is an annual event which attracts the key players in the wind …

Windaba 2012

Cape Town, South Africa

22/10/2012 - 24/10/2012

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Windaba is Africa’s only major wind energy event, held in South Africa, a huge potential market. ¬†It combines a comprehensive, high-quality international conference which covers all of the important issues facing this exciting region. ¬†If you want to do business in Africa, Windaba is the place to network and meet all of the right people. ¬†Windaba 2012 is organised by …

CanWEA’s 28th Annual Conference and Exhibition

Toronto, Canada

14/10/ 2012 - 17/10/2012

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CanWEA‚Äôs 28th Annual Conference and Exhibition will be held October 14-17, 2012 in Toronto, ON. This premier wind energy event will bring together over 2,500 experts from all over the world to discuss the opportunities and latest developments in the wind energy industry. The exhibition will feature over 250 exhibiting companies and will provide companies with an exclusive opportunity to …

Husum WindEnergy 2012

Husum, Germany

18/09/2012 - 22/09/2012

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HUSUM WindEnergy been the most important meeting place for the industry’s actors, movers and shakers for a good 20 years.  This biennial event will take place in Husum, Germany from 18-22 September 2012.

Brazil Windpower 2012

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

29/08/2012 - 31/08/2012

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Wind power is the fastest growing source of power generation in Brazil. In 2011, 50% of all newly installed wind power in Central and South America was in Brazil. With approximately 1.5 GW of installed capacity by the end of 2011, and another 7 GW in the pipeline by 2016, attracting about 18 billion USD in investment, projections for cumulative …

Next International Renewable Energy Conference MEXIREC to be held in Mexico City

11-13 September 2017. The Government of Mexico announced today that it has teamed up with REN21 – the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century – to organise the next International Renewable Energy Conference (IREC) in Mexico from 11-13 September 2017, within the framework of the Strategic Dialogues on the Future of Energy.

Dedicated exclusively to the renewable energy sector, …