This is a Partner Post authored by Ocean Winds, a proud Partner of the Women in Wind Global Leadership Program in 2020 and 2021.


Partner Post: Where does the light come from? The Heli Story

Ocean Winds (OW), a Partner of Women in Wind in 2020 and 2021, is proud to present “Where does the light come from? The Heli Story” video, something eagerly created by the OW team to explain to children around the world, how offshore wind energy is generated. To this day, this is a fairly unknown source of renewable energy we specialize in, and we wish to inspire and convey the importance of renewable energy, contributing to the raise of awareness of the new generations. We especially want to show girls that they can work in this industry, as a contribution to shorten the gap between women and men leaders in the wind industry.

The characters in this video are the winning drawings of a painting contest that we made for the children of the employees to encourage and promote their creative and artistic expressions through drawing and painting, as well as a medium to build creative confidence as part of the development of the Offshore Wind Energy Culture, within our family.

For this contest we asked them to draw the Wind Farm Guardian that they would like OW to have to take care of our wind farms.

With this video, we also want our employees’ children to truly understand what their parents do at work and maybe (if it is possible) make them feel prouder, because they are playing a very important role in this phase of change towards the greatest production of green energy that has the goal of becoming carbon-neutral.

The video also marks the starting point of our educational project which wishes to nourish today’s youth with knowledge, for them to become upstanding citizens and professionals wanting to build a better and sustainable world. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. 

“Where does the light come from?  The Heli Story” is available in English (above) and Spanish (below).

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