Paris 2015: The Beginning of the End for Fossil Fuels?

Climate Change The New Economy

The UN Climate Leaders’ Summit on 23 September in New York unleashed enormous momentum and has placed growing pressure on leaders to act on climate change. Almost 700,000 people around the world marched for climate action on the Sunday prior to the summit. This record-breaking global mobilization showed that all sectors of society worldwide are concerned about inaction on climate change and are ready to see a rapid transition away from fossil fuels toward renewable energy.

At the Climate Summit an increasing number of governments confirmed the need to end the fossil fuel era and achieve an effective global climate agreement in Paris next year. However, too many government leaders restated old pledges, offering neither new actions nor ambition. They run the risk of facing political backlash and international condemnation, unless they respond to citizens’ demands with concrete actions to halt the climate crisis. The choice for government leaders is between managing the orderly transition of our economies and ending up on the wrong side of history[1].


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