Vietnam Needs to Act Now to Mitigate Wind Development Disruptions

As the COVID-19 pandemic widens overseas, many Asian countries now going through a second wave of outbreak and massive lockdowns continue to be in effect across South East Asia (SEA). Amid the dark clouds, GWEC Asia has not slowed down our policy efforts and have taken massive steps forwards in one of our priority markets: Vietnam.

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Market To Watch: Vietnam

With a coastline of more than 3,000 km and an average wind speeds of 8m/s-9m/s in the south, Vietnam´s potential to develop and generate wind power is substantial. In two reports both by the World Bank Group, Wind Resource Atlas and Going Global: Expanding Offshore Wind to Emerging Markets, a whopping 24 GW of onshore and 475 GW of offshore wind technical capacity was identified across Vietnam. By the end of 2019, Vietnam has a total cumulative installed wind power capacity of 487.4 MW, which includes 99 MW of intertidal projects, the first of its kind in the ASEAN region. Due to the strong flows of foreign and domestic investors into Vietnam’s wind sector, the market is predicted to install approximately 4 GW of wind capacity by 2025.

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